Does Your Company Need Conference Photography?

Conference photography is not only for companies who wanted to document their conferences’ highlights but also for advertising purposes for their future plans on making another. Conferences often hire photographers to take photos that they can use on their company websites, blogs, advertisements and so on. If you are attending a conference as a photographer, here are five basic things that you must keep in mind.

  1. Bring extras for everything – Backup batteries, memory cards, cables, lenses and even readers are a must. You don’t want to look like an amateur by borrowing from someone else, right?
  2. Turn off the flash please – most events are hosted on good venues that have sufficient lighting throughout the conference, so you really don’t need to use the flash (unless it can’t be helped!).
  3. Closer is better – don’t depend you camera’s zooming features all the time. Nine out of ten times it’s just better to go closer to the object than to zoom from a far place where you are shooting from.
  4. Move around, it’s ok! – If you wanted to get the best shots for your photos, don’t be scared to move around the place, closer to the stage, between the aisles or even beside the speaker. This is the only way that you can get quality shots.
  5. Make it legitimate – if possible, find the right time to ask the speaker if you can take a photo with him/her, then ask someone to take it for you. Also, make sure that the person you’ll be asking knows how to take a good shot as well, unless you want a bad souvenir.

Conference photography could really be a cool job if you think about it; you get to meet a lot of people while having fun on taking photos especially if it’s really your passion.

Social Media Acronyms

There are times that we get bombarded with a lot of abbreviations that we really don’t seem to understand in this day and age. I would usually get text messages from my nieces saying HAND and HAGN and I would immediately send a reply asking what it means and it simply means ‘have a nice day’ and ‘have a good night’.

I know I’ve used LOL a couple of times as well as BRB or BBL but the social network really did a lot more abbreviations than the government in my opinion, which could also be abbreviated by IMO, then you add the letter H between the M and O and it becomes ‘in my honest opinion’ IMHO.

JGH ‘just got home’ is very common in Facebook and you often see RT ‘retweet’ in Twitter while Instagram also has CWD ‘comment when done’ usually after a shoutout was made upon request. You can read this for more clarification:

If you have friends or family who makes use of these abbreviations a lot then I suggest you do your homework during your down time, not only you will understand them better but also you get to use them as well and make others wonder what you mean too.

Download Garry’s Mod for Free

I have been looking for some free games that I could get since I just recently assembled my own PC at home since I have moved out of our family house. Aside from the problems that I do have in terms of the stuff that I have to move my addiction to gaming is also a huge problem that I have to solve.

Surfing around the internet while looking for some garrys mod free download and Minecraft too, I came across different websites that actually offers them. I have too many expenses as of the moment and would really want to get things for free for now so I did try some of them. Most was unsuccessful though while I managed to get one from garrys mod although It took some time for me to actually reach the page where I can click download to my computer, but it did after a few clicks.

So for those who wanted to get something really cheap or free, you must be patient enough to search the internet for such, but remember to make sure that you are only getting your sources form a trusted website or you might get spam from those claiming to give free stuff but actually not.

House Hunting and Things I Learned

We’ve been scouting for a new place few years ago since the family is already getting bigger. Looking for a new place has never been so fun but very expensive as well. The fun of traveling is an absolute enjoyment but you also need to gas up every time you go to different places.

My partner and I spotted a house that we really like. The house isn’t too big or small and has enough number of rooms to fit us all. The garden got me actually since even if the house has been vacant for 2 months; somebody still maintains the plants and the flowers. There’s a huge garage as well to fit in two cars which is just perfect. One thing, however, made us not get the house is the smell inside. Looks like the people who used to live there smoke cigarettes and cooks a lot of food.

We manage to find a house though almost near that place, although the garden isn’t that wonderful, I guess we just have to make it better later on. Every time I pass through the first house that we’re supposed to get though, I can’t help but feel a little regret most especially when a friend told me that there are a lot of smoke odor removal products that I can use to clean up the house.

At present, I managed to learn how to make use of these odor removal products whenever I need them at home. Since we have pets at home too and we bake a lot at home, we usually have to use air cleaners to regulate the smell. One of the cheapest and effective smoke odor removal that I discovered too would be activated charcoal, vinegar as well as baking soda which you can also use inside the fridge, inside the house, closets as well as inside the car. As for removing smoke you need an air purifier to get rid of all the nasty chemicals and carcinogens.

Prague’s Metro Managed By The Public Transit Company

The government of the country takes care of the infrastructure so that people find convenient means to commute each day. The metro in Prague is also one such public transit which is quite popular in Europe. This is a public transport managed by the public transit company in Prague. This comes under the central zone. As it covers around 61 stations, it provides easy transfer methods to many people residing around the area. Check out if it halts at your station so that you can go on a ride on this metro Praha.

The metro stations are very beautiful at Prague. It is well planned with several entrances. But it could be confusing to people who are new to the place. Yet they can find sign post everywhere which is very useful and guides a person thoroughly. If you are new to the place it is better to ask people or check for the sign post to get a clear idea of the place. At times you might not be familiar with the language, and if you choose the wrong way then you will have to walk for long. So be careful in choosing the right way and take sufficient guidance from people around!

The Interesting History of Wedos

If you are a smart-shopper looking to save money for all of your shopping expenses, then you must know that you should take advantage of coupons. However in the market today, there are currently a lot of coupon offers available, so how do you choose the best one? Well, if you are looking for reliable coupons as well as unlimited webhosting and registration for a domain name, WEDOS is definitely the place for you to go. To learn more about WEDOS, please keep on reading this article to find out more about it.

What exactly is WEDOS?
Currently, WEDOS is the biggest and most famous provider of webhosting services in the Czech Republic. However, due to its rapid growth and fame, its reach has even extended all throughout Central Europe and all across different countries in the world. As of today, WEDOS has over 170,000 different domain names! They also cater to over 50,000 different clients like WordPress, Joomla, E-Shop and etc., within and outside of the state.

History of WEDOS
WEDOS was started by Josef Grill along with his dedicated team back in 2010. Ever since its release to the public market, WEDOS has definitely grabbed the attention of a lot of shoppers online. Ever since then, it has only continued to grow and expand. Its base of operations is at Hlubokanad, Vltavou, found in the Czech Republic. They have now been in business for about 15 years and they show no signs of slowing down any time soon.


Beth Shalom is a Torah-observant congregation where Jews and non-Jews worship the Messiah, Yeshua, in Spirit and in Truth.

We invite you to worship, fellowship and study with us.

We believe that in these last days, the Father is moving quickly to restore the Davidic Kingdom, through HIS restoration of the Two Houses of Israel.

This is the Reunion that has been prophesied and longed for by the People of HaShem for over 2700 years. Therefore, we believe that as a Messianic Jewish Congregation our purpose is:

  • To go to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel (Matthew 10:6).
  • To serve as a bridge between the Jewish and Christian communities. (Ephesians 2:13-22)
  • To be a place of kindness and understanding for believers who have heard the Father’s “Signal” to return to their Hebraic Roots (Zachariah 10:8).
  • To be a Beit Midrash, a place of learning for these returning
    believers who desire to understand and live a truly Biblical life style (Acts 17:11).
  • To learn of the house of Judah with a purpose of provoking them into the Kingdom of Yashua, by our Torah
    Observance including;
  1. Biblical Kashrut
  2. Celebration of the Shabbat
  3. Celebration of the Seven Festivals of HaShem as in Leviticus 23
  4. And demonstration of our joy in following Yeshua as Mashiach (Romans 11:1)

Teen-Group Mission Statement

The vision for the congregation’s teen is to faithfully communicate the principles of God’s Word to the young people, teaching them wisdom, knowledge, and how to apply it in their lives, becoming more than conquerors in a dying world. The youth will learn to understand that the key to a holy and dynamic life stems from their own personal relationship with Messiah Yeshua.

It is God’s Word that has every answer to life’s problems, and it is this Word that the youth of Beth Shalom will continuously learn from. The basic definition of maturity is knowing the difference between right and wrong, and this is what will be taught to the young people through God’s Word.

Teen Mitzvah List

The teens of Beth Shalom have made the commitment to observe the mitzvah of helping the widows and orphans of our community. Their needs come first on our list and then we will assist others in need of reasonable help.